第十屆聖詩頌唱會 25 My Redeemer My Lord



My Redeemer and My Lord
曲:Dudley Buck
詞:Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

My Redeemer and my Lord,
I beseech thee, I entreat thee ,
Guide me in each act and word,
That hereafter I may meet thee,
Watching, waiting, hoping, yearning,
With my lamp well trimmed and burning !

Interceding with these bleeding wounds upon thy hands and side,
For all who have lived and erred
Thou hast suffered, thou hast died,
Scourged, and mocked, and crucified,
And in the grave hast thou been buried!

If my feeble prayer can reach thee,
O my Saviour, I beseech thee,
Even as thou hast died for me,
More sincerely
Let me follow where thou leadest,
Let me, bleeding as thou bleedest,
Die, if dying I may give
Life to one who asks to live,
And more nearly,
Dying thus, resemble thee!